Streamline your SMT production lines worldwide with the right data

Stay ahead of the competition and solve your industry's biggest challenges - from short product lifecycles to increasing variety of variants and demanding sustainability requirements. With our platform, you can unlock the data potential across all your plants-all while complying with export control regulations.

AI in the electronics manufacturing industry without data exchange

We solve the fundamental problem of AI in the electronics manufacturing industry.Export control regulations prevent data sharing between your own facilities.With us, there is no need for data sharing!

Our unique decentralized machine learning approach enables you to realize the full potential of AI while keeping all sensitive process and machine data secure at your facility. We leverage the right data directly at your facility to create shared synergies for cost efficiency and sustainability within your company - always with full data control.

Free Whitepaper on how Siemens mastered Federated Learning with Katulu

  • Learn how Siemens successfully implemented federated learning in two factories combining Katulu’s federated learning platform and Siemens Industrial Edge.
  • Deep insights on challenges, experiences, and take-aways from a real-world implementation of federated learning in electronics manufacturing.
  • And how Katulu and Siemens enable industrial-grade AI while ensuring privacy, data security, and compliance - plus deep-dive on architecture, technology stack and model performance results.

Increase OEE holistically

Increase availability, performance, and quality at every stage of the assembly line and across global plant boundaries.

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Synergies across manufacturing sites

Transfer best practices to all production facilities worldwide for consistent quality output & efficiency.

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Predict quality while variants increasing

Increasing variant complexity is challenging for automated optical inspection (AOI) and often requires free capabilities for reworking. Predict quality issues in advance and learn across production lines.

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