Steel produduction

Decentralized AI in Metallurgy

Closed-Loop Manufacturing!? Go one step further with Katulu FL Suite and control the manufacturing loop in a data-driven and resource-efficient way without any strategic, legal, or technical headaches.

AI without data in the cloud

The success of AI depends heavily on one component - data.Most customers, however, do not want their data in the cloud.With us, data remains at the plant.

Katulu's unique Denzentral Machine Learning approach enables you to use the potential of AI while all sensitive production data stays securely with your customers. Train robust models using Katulu Federated Learning on the rich data and experience your customers bring, for effective digital services such as predictive maintenance or AI-based production optimization.

Higher plant availability

Katulu helps you detect rare failures of system-critical assemblies to avoid plant downtime with predictive maintenance and without any data sharing.

Optimal Energy & Resource Efficiency

Katulu creates the conditions for determining the ideal end time of the melting process using multiple metallurgical plants in the field for optimal energy & resource efficiency.

Harnessing knowledge

Whether it's demographic change or natural workforce turnover, Katulu makes it easier for you and your users to leverage empirical process knowledge.

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Custom Digital Twins for Thermoprocessing

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Free Whitepaper on Federated Learning for Industry

Learn in our whitepaper which advantages Federated Learning offers in detail and how these can be put into practice for mechanical engineering. Our whitepaper, "With Federated Learning to Industry 5.0" gives you the answers.

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