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Closing the data gap in the Plastics Industry

Help your customers become more competitive in the circular economy despite increasing variant complexity and growing recyclate content. Leverage the data potential of your machines with Katulu FL Suite to avoid strategic, legal or technical headaches.

AI in the Plastics industry without data exchange

We solve the fundamental issue of AI adoption in plastics:Machine manufacturers, operators and especially contract manufacturers do not want to share their data.With us they do not need to!

The success of AI depends heavily on one component - data. Most customers, however, don't want their data in the cloud. Katulu's unique decentralized machine learning approach enables you and your partners to realize the full potential of AI. All sensitive process and machine data remains safely with your customers, partners, and suppliers on the Edge where data is processed. Our decentralized AI only shares insights to create synergies for cost efficiency and sustainability - always with full data control of all participants. With Katulu, you stay sovereign and become sustainable.

Increase process capability

Create the conditions for increased process capability spanning all machines and materials in the field while improving quality and minimizing scrap.

Harness process knowledge

Whether it's employee turnover or demographic change, we make it easier for you to capture & leverage real-world process knowledge across organizational boundaries.

True data

Katulu protects the data sovereignty of your entire industry. Machine builders, operators and users benefit from mutual knowledge gain without sharing sensitive data.

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AI-based Injection Molding

Learn how process cability in injection molding is optimized across company boundaries with federated learning by Katulu - without data transfer from production sites.

AI-based Tool Wear and Health Monitoring

Learn how tool wear monitoring and prognostics can be applied across company boundaries with federated learning by Katulu - without data transfer from production sites.

Free Whitepaper on Federated Learning for Industry

Learn in our whitepaper which advantages Federated Learning offers in detail and how these can be put into practice for mechanical engineering. Our whitepaper, "With Federated Learning to Industry 5.0" gives you the answers.

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