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Supercharge your industrial AI with any data

Katulu is the platform for federated machine learning in industry. Build and run AI applications across factories, organizations and borders without sharing data.

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Free Whitepaper on how Siemens mastered Federated Learning with Katulu

  • Learn how Siemens successfully implemented federated learning in two factories combining Katulu’s federated learning platform and Siemens Industrial Edge.
  • Deep insights on challenges, experiences, and take-aways from a real-world implementation of federated learning in electronics manufacturing.
  • And how Katulu and Siemens enable industrial-grade AI while ensuring privacy, data security, and compliance - plus deep-dive on architecture, technology stack and model performance results.

Your federated data potential

Beyond internal barriers

Build and run AI applications using all of your organization's data. Our platform solves internal barriers, such as regulatory constraints(e.g. export control, GDPR etc.) and IP protection, while remaining compliant.

Customers as data partners

Turn your customers into your data partners. Enhance your AI products with indirect access to their data by ensuring that everyone's data remains private.

Cost and risk reduction

Keep the data locally by its owner. Save up to 99% on data transfer costs and eliminate the risks of centralized data storage such as data breaches.

What our customers achieved with us

Cost of Quality savings by 20%

Global production cost savings through cross-site quality control synergies

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Waste reduction by 50%

Reduction of waste in the plastics manufacturing process through cross-company, inline quality control

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Best Practices applied globally - priceless

Best practices applied to all manufacturing sites worldwide for consistent quality output & efficiency

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How will you securely access data in your IIoT projects? Take advantage of our free consulting offer and discuss your case with our AI specialists.

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