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Better Insights for the Industry. Without Headaches.

With Katulu Federated Learning (FL), you can offer your customers digital services such as predictive maintenance or AI-based production optimization without any strategic, legal, or technical headaches.

AI without data in the cloud.

The success of AI depends heavily on one component - data. Most customers, however, don't want their data in the cloud. Katulu's unique Denzentral Machine Learning approach enables you to use the potential of AI while all the sensitive production data stays securely with your customers. Train robust models using Katulu Federated Learning on the rich data and experience your customers bring, for effective digital services such as predictive maintenance or AI-based production optimization.

Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Increase availability, performance & quality across all your machine and material combinations in the field with Katulu.

Prevent Failures

With Katulu, you can detect failures of system-critical components before they occur to prevent machine downtime.

Respect Data Sovereignty

Katulu ensures data sovereignty for EVERYONE. Mechanical engineers, operators, and users benefit from mutual anonymized insights without sharing sensitive process data.

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What Katulu's customers say

We at KSB focused quite early on digital business models. For example with KSB Guard - our innovative monitoring unit for pumps. For our clients KSB Guard is the simple and fast way to start with our smart services that allow for a fail-safe and cost-optimized plant operation. From the very beginning Katulu assisted us very well in a very close partnership: From evaluation, conception, IIoT- and cloud-technologies to the implementation and operation.

Dr. Thomas PaulusChief Digital Officer (CDO), KSB SE & Co KGaA

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