Industrial AI without data sharing

You would like to use industrial AI together with customers & partners?But you do not want to share your data?We are making sure you do not have to!

Katulu's unique decentralized machine learning approach enables ecosystems to harness the full potential of AI while keeping all sensitive data safe with their owners. Manufacturing data is distributed across many sites. Our decentralized AI processes data where it originates: directly at the edge of a machine. Only AI models are exchanged to create synergies across companies for greater efficiency, better interlinked processes and shared sustainability goals. With Katulu, industrial ecosystems can stop worrying about data privacy and focus on co-innovation!


Benefit from the best operator expertise in the field. Increase availability, performance & quality across all your machines with Katulu.

Inline Quality Monitoring

Detect and respond to process changes in real time with Katulu, eliminating the risk of quality problems before they occur.


Optimize Value Chains

Optimize processes across companies and reduce the use of resources: less energy consumption, less waste.


How may we help you?

How will you securely access data in your IIoT projects? Take advantage of our free consulting offer and discuss your case with our AI specialists.

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AI-based Injection Molding

Learn how process cability in injection molding is optimized across company boundaries with federated learning by Katulu - without data transfer from production sites.

AI-based Tool Wear and Health Monitoring

Learn how tool wear monitoring and prognostics can be applied across company boundaries with federated learning by Katulu - without data transfer from production sites.

Custom Digital Twins for Thermoprocessing

Learn how a manufacturer of thermoprocessing equipment enables the simulation of manufacturing processes for each customer on the screen.

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