Webinar "Federated Learning to the Rescue" at DataTalks.Club

The DataTalks.Club is a global online community of data enthusiasts. On April 12th, we were invited on Alexey Grigorev’s virtual couch to talk about a subject close to our hearts: putting data sovereignty at the core of AI. Even in the Data Scientist community, the AI technology called “Federated Learning” at the core of our product is still largely unknown. Both Google and Apple are using Federated Learning as a key technology on both Android and iOS devices to drive user experience. Yet while most of us are using Federated Learning on a daily basis, the AI training our devices is a black box for many. And this should not be the case!

There are many good reasons to keep data private. The secrets data can reveal have been underestimated and Orlando and Jan reveal a few stunning faux pas in the webinar. It was a great opportunity to raise awareness that privacy-preserving AI is indeed here to the rescue, for the many of us that want to keep our data safe and still use AI. A special thanks to the DataTalks.Club community. Orlando and Jan enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the many intriguing questions.

Written by

Anne Mareike Schlinkert

Gründer & COO