Optimization along value chains

Value chains are complex interconntected systems. Optimize them as a system and across company boundaries with decentralized AI.

High-performing value chain

All manufacturing steps within a value chain create value, consume resources and are interconnected in cross-company processes. Since a value chain always extends across several companies, unimagined optimization potentials arise when company boundaries are mentally dissolved during process optimization. Optimal decision-making becomes possible when data of the entire value chain can be accessed. At Katulu, we make sure you can safely collaborate at every step of the process. While you focus on co-innovation, process excellence and resource efficiency, we are making sure everyone's data remains private.

The right quality at every step

Meet the exact quality requirements for your final product. The specification of a part usually includes geometric specifications, physical properties, service life, quality, sustainability and price points. We make sure it lives up to real-world requirements, too. With Katulu, you can use Produce-To-Model to optimize the production of a part depending on its future use. Train a model with Katulu FL Suite with your customer to describe the correlation between your component and its functionality in your customer's final product. Ensure that you spend the production and energy costs for the quality your customer needs, giving both of you a cost advantage.

Cost efficiency & sustainability along the entire value chain

Optimal sustainability and cost efficiency of your end product can only be achieved together with your partners along the entire chain. Waste within a process step affects the cost balance of the entire chain, as these unnecessary costs are reflected in the purchase price paid by downstream participants. The same applies to sustainability requirements. Companies will have to account for their annual CO2 balance from 2024 on, which will be the basis for CO2 taxation. A single company can optimize the sustainability of its own products to a limited extent. With our approach, they optimize the cost efficiency and sustainability of the entire value chain with the help of AI, without having to share sensitive data between participants.

Using process knowledge throughout the chain

Imagine being able to use the knowledge that resides in the heads of your suppliers and end users to optimize your processes. Your suppliers and end users support this, because you are doing so to their benefit and without accessing their data. With Katulu FL Suite , you can leverage this collaborative AI approach for your entire value chain today.

AI-based Injection Molding

Learn how process cability in injection molding is optimized across company boundaries with federated learning by Katulu - without data transfer from production sites.

AI-based Tool Wear and Health Monitoring

Learn how tool wear monitoring and prognostics can be applied across company boundaries with federated learning by Katulu - without data transfer from production sites.