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Custom Tool Wear Predictions across all Machine Tools

Higher productivity and consistent quality - Set the stage for AI-based manufacturing with your machine tools and the Katulu FL Suite. Harness the AI potential of your machines while ensuring your customers' privacy.

AI for machine tools with full data security

Solve the basic problem of AI in machine tools:Machine builders, users and especially contract manufacturers do not want to share their data.With us, they do not have to!

Katulu's unique decentralized machine learning approach enables you to realize the full potential of AI while keeping all sensitive process and machine data safe with your customers. We bring the data silos at your users, partners and suppliers closer together through decentralized AI. In doing so, we leverage cloud and edge to create shared synergies for cost efficiency and sustainability - always with full data control. With Katulu, you stay data-sovereign and become more sustainable.

Higher machine­availability

Katulu helps you capture the infrequent failures of system-critical components to prevent machine downtime at an early stage for predictive maintenance.

Productivity & Batch sizes

AI-powered manufacturing processes are the prerequisite for higher productivity with reduced batch sizes. Katulu's technology creates this prerequisite - simply and easily.

Full data

Katulu ensures data sovereignty for EVERYONE. Machine tool builders, operators and users benefit from mutual anonymized insights without sharing sensitive data.

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Custom Digital Twins for Thermoprocessing

Learn how a manufacturer of thermoprocessing equipment enables the simulation of manufacturing processes for each customer on the screen.

Free Whitepaper on Federated Learning for Industry

Learn in our whitepaper which advantages Federated Learning offers in detail and how these can be put into practice for mechanical engineering. Our whitepaper, "With Federated Learning to Industry 5.0" gives you the answers.

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