Katulu Platform

AI without sharing data for industry

Solve your customers' core problems that are too big to solve alone with our platform. Do this by scaling your AI models for each use case across enterprise boundaries without sharing data. Benefit from data-sovereign MLOps, highly scalable edge management, and of course production-ready Federated Learning (FL).

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The data you need from other stakeholders is inaccessible?! Not anymore!

Companies do not want to share their data. This is a fundamental problem with the use of AI in industry. The reasons and limitations for this are many and justified.

  • Strategic constraints are ubiquitous in industry. Companies want to protect their knowledge so as not to jeopardize their competitiveness.
  • Legal restrictions particularly concern the use of personal data, but also information relevant to the stock exchange.
  • Technical restrictions such as lack of connectivity can usually be solved technically. However, they are often not resolved for economic or strategic reasons.

But what if sharing data is not required for using data?


Solve problems you can't solve alone.

Solve central problems of your industry together with your customers and partners - from circular economy to cost efficiency in global competition.

Leverage data you'll never get access to.

Train more robust and accurate models at your customers' sites, without the data leaving their premises. Learn together with your customers without learning about them thanks to federated learning.

Optimize the entire ML lifecycle.

Automate and scale MLOps and industrial edge management for all your customers to manage and optimize models and infrastructure at large scale across company boundaries.


Are you unsure if our platform fits to your needs?

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High-Performance, Data Sovereign & Cost-Effective.

The Katulu Platform has been built based on long lasting experience by domain experts from industry for industry und is the benchmark for Federated Learning in the industry.

> 5Mio.

Machines integrable

> 91%

Larger Data Foundation

> 65%

Higher Probability of Success

max. 10.000

Clients per Training Cycle

> 50%

Increased Reliability

> 22%

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

A Unique Solution

Compare our platform with other machine learning (ML) and federated learning (FL) solutions. Learn about the features for your success.

Katulu PlatfoemCentral ML (e.g. AWS SageMaker) OtherĀ FL Options
Designed for the Industry
Open Source
Federated Learning
Horizontal Federated Learning
Vertical Federated Learning
Clustered Federated Learning
Data Science
Python SDK
Federated Analytics
ML Framework Agnostic
No Transfer of Customer data
Built-in Differential Privacy
Privacy Wizard
Highly scalable MLOps
Industrial Edge Management
Cloud-agnostic by Design
Fully managed Enterprise SaaS
Managed Service in your Cloud

Our platform supports all leading ML frameworks & toolkits

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