Optimized Process Engineering from raw material to end product

Value chains are complex & interconnected systems. Optimize them with Katulu FL Suite across company boundaries with decentralized AI.

AI in the process industry without data exchange

We solve the fundamental problem of AI in the process industry:Companies do not want to share their data.With us, they do not have to!

Katulu's unique decentralized machine learning approach enables you to realize the full potential of AI while keeping all sensitive process and machine data safe with your customers. We leverage data directly at your customers, partners and suppliers with decentralized AI to create shared synergies for cost efficiency and sustainability in the process industry - always with full data control. With Katulu, everyone stays sovereign and becomes more sustainable.

Increase OEE holistically

Increase availability, performance, and quality at every step of the chain and across enterprise boundaries.

value chains

Optimize cross-company value chains. Strive together for process excellence throughout the chains.

Quality Control

Detect and respond to process changes in real time, eliminating the risk of quality issues in the final product as early as possible.

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AI-based Injection Molding

Learn how process cability in injection molding is optimized across company boundaries with federated learning by Katulu - without data transfer from production sites.

AI-based Tool Wear and Health Monitoring

Learn how tool wear monitoring and prognostics can be applied across company boundaries with federated learning by Katulu - without data transfer from production sites.

Free Whitepaper on Federated Learning for Industry

Learn in our whitepaper which advantages Federated Learning offers in detail and how these can be put into practice for mechanical engineering. Our whitepaper, "With Federated Learning to Industry 5.0" gives you the answers.

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