Boost Predictive Maintenance with dezentralized AI

Leverage artificial intelligence to prevent rare machine failures. Lower the barriers to entry for your customers with Katulu's transparent and customer-friendly AI technology for Federated Learning.

Higher Machine Availability

High machine availability is key to economical & sustainable production. Our decentralized AI ensures the data remains with your customers, while still enabling your analytics for predictive maintenance. Establish the optimal maintenance schedule for every customer, avoid unnecessary routine maintenance, reduce unplanned machine failures and malfunctions, extend the lifetime of machines and minimize downtimes. Get happier customers.

Better Predictions

Accurately predicting unpredictable events in the field, such as machine failures or malfunctions, requires enormous amounts of data. With Katulu FL Suite , you can use machine and process data from your industrial users to train distributed AI models without your users having to reveal this data. Due to the broader data foundation, you can make better predictions with very high accuracy for all customers.

AI without Sensitive Data

The central collection of machine and process data in the cloud is viewed critically by many industrial users. This has become an obstacle for use of AI in industrial settings. Companies worry about their competitiveness, which is why they want to protect their process knowledge. Regulations make it impossible or cumbersome to share certain data. Therefore, at Katulu, data sovereignty is built into every solution. With Katulu FL Suite , machine failure prediction models are trained in a decentralized manner. No sensitive data leaves the production environment. Katulu's innovative approach enables continuous improvement of predictions without data exchange. That's a game changer in making your customers more competitive.

Predictive Maintenance for complex Pump Systems & Plants

Learn how a pump manufacturer extends its predictive maintenance solution with the Katulu FL Suite, an additional and highly customized offering that specifically addresses operators of more complex pump systems and plants.