Katulu Federated Learning can be used by mechanical engineering companies of all shapes and sizes for industrial AI-based collaboration.

AI-based Injection MoldingOptimize any parameter combinationAI-based Tool Wear and Health MonitoringImprove tool utilization and product qualityCustom Digital Twins for ThermoprocessingSimulate custom processes for special machineryPredictive Maintenance for complex Pump Systems & PlantsAddress new customer segments by offering AI without data transfer as part of your existing solutions


Inline Quality MonitoringRealize cost savings by measuring and meeting quality expectations with AIOverall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)Intelligent Overall Equipment EffectivenessValue ChainsValue ChainsDigital TwinsValidate product and process improvements before implementation.Predictive MaintenanceMore Robust Predictions with Customer-Friendly AI Technology.


Plastics IndustryHarnessing data potential for the smart circular economy.Process IndustryHarnessing data potential for the smart process industry.Machine ToolsSet the stage for AI-based manufacturing processes.MetallurgyClosed-Loop Manufacturing!? Take it one step further.Pumps and CompressorsCustomized value-added services for utilities and chemical parks.