We are Katulu.
We make AI applicable
for a sovereign & sustainable industry.

With our collaborative AI, key industry problems are finally solvable.
To participate no one has to share data with others.

An open secret

No one is sharing the industry's most valuable asset

It's an open secret in the industry: data is not shared.

The value of the company's own data increases when it is combined with data from customers and partners. With access to the knowledge of their own ecosystem, success-critical topics such as process optimization, energy efficiency and quality assurance can finally be solved holistically.

Data security and data sovereignty accompany us since day 1. There are always challenges in IIoT projects when companies depend on working with open data. Machine builders do not want to share data with IIoT platform operators that describe how their own machines work. And the manufacturing industry does not want to make any process data available to machine manufacturers as part of Industry 4.0 as thats a threat to their USP. Not sharing data is a systemic problem. And it massively reduces the added value that can result from digital transformation.

Our Mission

Enable solutions for unsolved industrial challenges by making AI collaborative

We make AI applicable for industry across company boundaries without sharing data among each other. Even data that may not be shared at all for legal reasons can be used with our AI in this way. This enables companies to jointly master major challenges that they cannot solve alone, e.g. circular economy, resource efficiency along value chains.

For us, applicable means taking into account the requirements of all participants in the value chain - from industrial users to tool manufacturers to machine manufacturers - in order to jointly create more sustainable solutions with exceptional added value. To do this, we protect the process knowledge of all stakeholders and enable the scaling of decentralized solutions in heterogeneous infrastructures. Katulu's mission is to solve all these challenges for machine builders to make solutions from predictive maintenance to quality monitoring attractive to a wide range of users.

Minds behind Katulu

Our team combines many years of experience in the fields of Industrial IoT, Distributed Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Mechanical Engineering. Together, we have rolled out over 10,000 IIoT devices in over 50 countries with our customers since 2018.

Anne Mareike Schlinkert

Founder & COO

Anne has gained her work experience of over 16 years primarily in an IIoT pioneering industry: large-scale wind energy plants. In international roles at global manufacturing companies like Vestas Wind Systems and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, she has earned her spurs within all parts of the value chain, including supplier management, new product development and strategy development. Today, she uses her in-depth knowledge of Industrial IoT from the customers\' perspectives to help take their business to the next level. As a talented speaker, she is happy to share her insights with interested parties.

Michael Schlinkert

Founder & CEO

Michael has more than 18 years of experience in software and product development and as founder of several successful companies. In 2018 he started his first family business with Katulu. His vision of developing Katulu into one of the leading solution providers in the IIoT market while protecting the data ownership rights of customers is something he pursues persistent and with great passion. He combines his outstanding knowledge of Industrial IoT, cloud and product development with the ability to set up, lead and grow companies. A true entrepreneur with a strong vision and the necessary sense of reality to successfully execute it.

Orlando Hohmeier

Founder & CTO

Orlando ships Software projects and products since 2005; he shipped international campaigns, websites, and mobile applications for clients like Mercedes-Benz, JimBeam, or Vodafone and worked on products like DC/OS (Distributed Cloud Operating System). He led and grew teams working on web and distributed front-end, storage, and networking solutions. He deeply cares about people, enjoys great software design, strives for exceptional user experience and excellent operation.

Our value foundation

Achieving more with less

At Katulu, we live collaboration. Our innovation comes from the diverse expertise of our team. We're where physics, industrial math, recyclate, distributed problems, machine controls, open interfaces, and open source meet DevOps, SaaS, agile sprints, edge management, tool wear and tear, and lots of lines of code. Our common denominators are innovative technologies, eye-to-eye collaboration, pragmatic problem-solving skills, and well-filled coffee cups.

Our goal is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable industry with AI that requires no compromise. So that future generations can continue to use the resources of our earth. For more sustainability, more resource-efficient production, closed value cycles, higher energy efficiency and better working conditions for skilled workers.