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Trustworthy IoT data with Katulu, Ubirch and AWS IoT

By 2020 more than 50 billion IoT devices will exist in every imaginable area of daily life. How secure will they be? The Ubirch platform is designed to ensure that IoT data is trustworthy and secure. It keeps track of the identity of IoT devices. It checks the integrity of incoming data. It prepares the data for further use with machine learning and external services. It anchors or stores it in the blockchain for timestamping and immutability. Ubirch provides different example implementations and libraries to allow customers a fast and easy integration of their blockchain based services. Most of this solutions are based on a custom stack and don’t focus on serverless environments like AWS. To address the needs of the steadily growing market of AWS serverless and IoT Ubirch decided that they want to provide a best practice implementation of their services within an AWS IoT environment.

Ubirch needed a partner who is able to design and implement a secure and performant IIoT cloud solution. With Katulu Ubirch found proven experts for large-scale sensor data processing and highly scaling serverless cloud architectures like the KSB Guard.

To allow an easy integration into new or exiting AWS IoT projects, Katulu developed a self contained integration for AWS Greengras. This integration enables AWS customers to use the Ubirch blockchain in their own IoT device solutions and provide their users with a well trusted end-to-end IoT solution for example for metering or billing. The IoT data is directly processed on the edge device with local lambda functions in AWS Greengrass. To ensure later verification of the sensor data or other payloads the data is also send as hashed value to the Ubirch platforms which signs this data against their blockchain. After the successful signing process the data is send via IoT topics to AWS IoT Core where it is processed further and persisted for later analysis. AWS Quicksight allows to generate meaningful reports from this IoT data which can be used in third party applications like ERP systems for billing or other use cases.

In addition to the AWS Greengrass edge device integration Katulu also implemented a Ubirch-verification-as-a-service solution, which allows the use of a custom validation frontend for the blockchain anchored signatures in custom AWS projects. It’s fully configurable by a cloud formation template and runs on every AWS account, even with multiple instances. For larger projects using the Ubirch verification API offers direct integration into existing services and frontends.


Trustworthy IoT data with Katulu, Ubirch and AWS IoT

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