IIoT Condition Monitoring


Today industrial companies need to rely on and monitor their industrial equipment. This is why customers expect key components to offer data on their operating parameters and health status. Katulu condition monitoring can be used via a stand-alone monitoring suite with a feature-rich UI for PC, Tablets, and SmartPhones. It can be customized to your specific requirements and finally be shipped with your products as a white-label solution with our branding. Use it as a Middleware to bring the Data Streams to your desired target platforms. We support MQTT, OPC-UA and all relevant industrial bus protocols. Katalu provides you with exactly the monitoring solution you need. Build a data lake with our condition monitoring solution to get to know your industrial components in depth. It is made to build your own services around it. Katulu's powerful API also allows to expose your IIoT data to any IT Solution. For example Condition Monitoring, Production Management or Operational Data Collection.