Why Katulu?

Data sovereignty as the key to successful digitization in mechanical engineering. Learn why leading mechanical engineering companies rely on Katulu.

Digital transformation done RIGHT!

Katulu enables machine builders to implement their digitalization without compromise. Industry 4.0 requires cooperation according to European values - independent, flexible, secure, with integrity, competitive.

Data sovereignty is key

At Katulu, data sovereignty is not an obstacle, but the key to successful digitization in mechanical engineering. In line with our European values, we give you as well as your users control and transparency over your respective data. With this innovative approach, we overcome strategic and technical constraints on data use while complying with legal realities, creating impressive and previously unthinkable added value together - despite and because of the preservation of data sovereignty for all parties.

Independent solutions for an independent industry

The only constant is change. This is especially true in digitization on your way to Industry 4.0. Katulu offers you the right cutting-edge technology for your journey - without vendor lock-in. We love open standards and flexible industrial IoT solutions that adapt to you and make you more independent and successful.

Sustainable enablement

Katulu empowers you to actively shape your digital industrial 4.0 future from the inside. With Katulu's hands-on experience, you'll make your digital transformation more sustainable, avoid unnecessary detours, make decisions faster, and choose the right industrial IoT solution for your business. Our goal is to enable you and become indispensable to you - then we've done a good job.