How Katulu works

Your data stays in your company

Data is becoming increasingly important in times of digitalization. Whether production, machine or operational data, the data collected offers great potential and risks at the same time. With Katulu's decentralized machine learning, you participate in Industry 4.0 without disclosing your sensitive data. With our consistent on-premise data processing, data never even leaves the associated company.

Smarter together

Katulu makes it possible to securely share and apply insights across company boundaries in an industrial environment. By bringing together and leveraging disparate insights in a digitalized way, you discover entirely new optimization potential that would otherwise remain hidden from you.

A lasting collaboration

For Katulu, the focus is on building sustainable Industrie 4.0 and Federated Learning knowledge with you, so you can make better decisions and avoid dependencies. Our customers work with us because we deliver excellent results and prevent vendor lock-ins from happening in the first place.

Adaptability on all levels

Katulu stands for platform-agnostic and independent solutions. You have the freedom to decide where to run your solution. Consistent extensibility and standardized interfaces provide seamless integration and let you choose your preferred tooling: Excel, Matlab, Jupyter, Tableau,.... Katulu's low-code approach gives you full control and creates immediate value with secure, versioned, and visible results.

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All about Automation

Katulu solutions just work, without you having to look after them. We consistently rely on GitOps and full automation of our workflows. This applies to builds and deployments, but also to our low-code integration that stringently relies on versioning and staging. We bring technical excellence to software development.