Katulu for Digital Twins

Shorter development cycles with greater customization - Validate product and process improvements before implementation using digital twins with Katulu Federated Learning.

Leverage Process Knowledge

Whether it's natural employee turnover or demographic change, Katulu makes it easier for you to leverage empirical process knowledge across organizational boundaries.

Simulate Processes

Lay the groundwork with Katulu to simulate your processes as a digital value-added service through digital process twins.

100% Data Sovereignty

Katulu creates data sovereignty for ALL. Machine builders, operators and users benefit from mutual knowledge gain without sharing sensitive data.

Free Whitepaper on Federated Learning for Industry 5.0

Learn in our whitepaper which advantages Federated Learning offers in detail and how these can be put into practice for mechanical engineering. Our whitepaper, "With Federated Learning to Industry 5.0" gives you the answers.