Use Cases

Katulu Federated Learning can be used by mechanical engineering companies of all shapes and sizes for building the future of industrial AI-based solutions.


Predictive MaintenanceMore Robust Predictions with Customer-Friendly AI Technology.Digital TwinsValidate product and process improvements before implementation.Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)Intelligent Overall Equipment Effectiveness in the field.Smart FactoryNew ways to collaborate with machines that learn from each other.Cost EfficiencySmart savings potential with shorter development cycles and increasing requirements.Knowledge as a ServiceProper knowledge delivered at every step of production.


Machine toolsSet the stage for AI-based manufacturing processes.Plastics and rubber technologyHarnessing data potential for the smart circular economy.MetallurgyClosed-Loop Manufacturing!? Take it one step further.Pumps and CompressorsCustomized value-added services for utilities to chemical parks.RoboticsSafe human-robot collaboration without science fiction.


ManagementShape tomorrow's business today with AI in line with data protection.DigitizationTap into tomorrow's innovation potential today.Product DevelopmentLearn from your machine in the field for the next level in development.Data ScienceDecentralized machine learning on the machine - decentralized and private.Industrial UsersProtect data. Increase productivity. Secure competitiveness.IT ServicesIntegrates seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure.Research FacilitiesEnabling innovation in the ecosystem. Drive digitization forward.Industry AssociationsCollaborative knowledge generation with full data sovereignty.