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Self-Optimizing Injection Molding Machines

Self-Optimizing Injection Molding Machines

A manufacturer of industrial sealings owns a worldwide network of production facilities in which injection molding machines of various manufacturers and types are used. The variety of machines makes it difficult to systematically collect, share and maintain knowledge about optimal production processes. As a result, it is currently impossible to exploit all possible synergies and the factories operate with varying degrees of efficiency and effectiveness. Katulu has evaluated a use case for this initial situation and designed a customer-specific solution to make documented and undocumented information about machines measurable.
First, the molding machines are divided into different connectivity classes. For each machine type, specific parameters for the molding process, as well as additional measurement variables for validation, must be defined. The additional measured variables are essential to verify the phases of the injection molding process and the gaskets.
The collected data is loaded into the cloud via the Connectware solution provided by our partner Cybus. Data Analytics can be used to identify patterns and anomalies in machine operation. Additionally, the data can be used to train Machine Learning (ML) models for each machine type, from which automatically generated suggestions for the operation of the respective machine are developed. In an expansion stage, these ML models can generate automatic adjustments in the molding process to continuously optimise production and turn the machine into a proper “Smart Factory”.

The technologies are available. The added value lies in the combination.

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