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IIoT Self-Service Silos for Bulk Goods

IIoT Self-Service Silos for Bulk Goods

An agricultural feed manufacturer is looking for a new business model to simultaneously increase market share and reduce costs.
Feed is sold from silos in a nationwide network of local shops, mainly in rural areas. The company has already established a business model with automatic self-service gas stations. The idea is to implement a similar business model with self-service silos for feed. This new model will allow the number of sales outlets to be increased. As a result, customer service can be improved and operating costs reduced. The customer drives to the retail location and enters the amount of feed, just like at a gas station. Filling level sensors and an automatic slider ensure precise feed dispensation. The existing infrastructure of the petrol stations is used for the payment process. The customer can serve himself entirely independently and autonomously according to his needs. The simultaneous transmission of real-time data triggers the timely refilling of the silos when critical filling levels are reached.

The technologies are available. The added value lies in the combination.

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