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IIoT based Business Models for Fork-Lift-Trucks

IIoT based Business Models for Forklift Trucks

Companies in the beverage industry need solutions for loading beverage pallets onto trucks. However, their primary interest lies not in owning forklift trucks. A business model with usage-based payment based on the pallets actually loaded by the forklift truck (forklift trucks as a service) would be highly interesting for the beverage industry.
The model is also attractive for forklift truck manufacturers, provided they can precisely predict and calculate the usage and wear and tear of the forklift trucks and align maintenance intervals with actual demand. 
Generating the necessary data is very easy, since hydraulic hoses with integrated sensors are available on the market. These enable monitoring of most of the activities of a forklift truck, such as lifting cycles or the moving in and out of the (multi) pallet fork. The resulting data can be collected by an edge computer on the forklift truck and sent to a IIoT platform. The data is then transformed into the number of pallets loaded or the utilisation and wear of the forklift truck. The basis for a usage-based billing model has been created.

The technologies are available. The added value lies in the combination.

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