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Product Consulting

Your Product is more than a Project

Katulu helps you to develop your own IIoT products. The development of a new product is always an exciting and fascinating process. While a project usually addresses a concrete business problem, a new product is always based on assumptions about a potential market. In order to reach product maturity, a realistic business model, a mature product, certifications and data management for different countries, development and update processes involving many external suppliers, as well as marketing, sales and after sales services must be available in the appropriate quality. The complexity of IIoT products stems from the integration of hardware, device software, on-premise or cloud portal software and mobile applications.
Many industrial companies in Germany are essentially engineer-driven. A pure engineering product is usually finished upon delivery. An IIoT product with specific services is one that is constantly being improved and operated. For many companies the transition from a pure product business with little or no electronics to IIoT products with data-based services represents a significant challenge. 
With our structured approach we advise you in mastering this complexity and in profiting from our accumulated knowledge. Together we reduce risks, avoid pitfalls and make our product a success.