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KSB Guard


The KSB SE & Co. KGaA, based in Frankenthal, Germany, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for industrial pumps with over 15 million installations in the field. These industrial components are used in a wide range of applications from building, industrial technology, water and wastewater treatment, to renewable energies and power plant technology. Plant availability, operational safety and maximum efficiency are core characteristics of KSB’s products. For this reason industrial IoT plays a key role in KSB’s digital strategy to deliver these promises at all times.

Problem statement

KSB wants to challenge their own standards and push the core characteristics of their products like plant availability, operational safety and maximum efficiency even further. Therefore KSB was seeking a solution to enable better maintenance strategies, to predict and reduce system downtime and to reduce overall operating costs. Furthermore, the product lifecycle of KSB pumps, which are not serviced by KSB themselves, ended after the pump has been sold. KSB wants to make the life cycle of all pumps installed in the field traceable and, based on this knowledge, extend it significantly.


The KSB Guard is a cloud-based condition monitoring solution for industrial pumps, which ensures system transparency, better maintenance strategies, predictable and thus reduced downtime and ultimately lower operating costs. The KSB Guard was designed as a non-invasive solution to explicitly address the brownfield, as well as the more recent greenfield market.


The solution consists of multiple components:

  1. Sensor unit: Gathers vibration and temperature data via sensors directly attached to the pump

  2. Sender and battery unit: Sends the measurement data securely to the gateway

  3. Gateway: Sends the data via LTE to the IIoT Cloud Platform while maintaining the highest security standards

  4. IIoT Cloud Platform: Monitors data streams, analyses the data, and manages devices and their alarms

  5. Web Application and Mobile App: Visualizes pump data and alarms

This solution enables pump operators to identify faults and anomalies faster than ever. At the same time a solid database is established for additional optimization measures like improved maintenance strategies, better planning and overall reduction of system- or plant downtime, and finally the reduction of operating costs.


Katulu advised KSB during the evaluation and conception phase of the project in terms of product development, IIoT and Cloud technologies. Katulu has developed the Industrial IoT Platform into a successful product and thus implemented KSB’s vision with the KSB Guard using the special competences in our Software and our IIoT Product Development.

The core of the KSB Guard is the IIoT Condition Monitoring for Industrial Components such as pumps. This monitoring is based on a Device Cloud, a Data Lake, as well as a mature User- and Organization Management, to implement a highly scalable and secure industrial IoT Platform.

As we are dedicated to building sustainable solutions, we provide Operations & Support for the industrial IoT platform of the KSB Guard as well. Due to the Serverless Architecture and AWS managed services the platform is based on, it was possible to optimize operation costs compared to other IIoT platforms without compromising uptime or security.


We at KSB focused quite early on digital business models. For example with KSB Guard - our innovative monitoring unit for pumps. For our clients KSB Guard is the simple and fast way to start with our smart services that allow for a fail-safe and cost-optimized plant operation. From the very beginning Katulu assisted us very well in a very close partnership: From evaluation, conception, IIoT- and cloud-technologies to the implementation and operation.
Dr. Thomas Paulus
Chief Digital Officer (CDO), KSB SE & Co KGaA
Katulu supported us to create a scalable multi-tennant IIoT cloud platform for KSB products. On this platform we constantly offer new services to our customers. Within the scope of the cooperation Katulu showed us how to do it. Not only that our cooperation is fun, it also leads und into our digital future.
Dr. Jochen Mades
Head of Application and Technology Development, KSB SE & Co KGaA