Services - More than Federated Learning.

Katulu is your partner for intelligent digitization projects in industry.

We develop intelligent value-added services and reconcile Machine Learning with data protection.

Want to use Federated Learning for your AI-based solution in the field? ...or are you just getting started with Machine Learning? ...or are you still in the early stages of your digitization project?

As an experienced project partner, Katulu looks back on a variety of successful digitization projects in industry - from intelligent predictive maintenance solutions, to highly scalable distributed enterprise systems, to self-learning OEE solutions on the shopfloor. Through our multi-faceted practical experience, we create sustainable added value for our customers that goes far beyond Federated Learning - regardless of how advanced your digitization is.

If you want to get more out of your digitization, Katulu is your partner.

Getting Started with Federated Learning workshop.

Unlock the potential of Federated Learning as a digital decision maker.

Katulu works with you to analyze your digital goals, existing digital solutions, and other potential use cases. The goal is to assess whether Federated Learning is the right solution for your organization. Katulu then works with you to develop an implementation strategy to create measurable value in your organization with Federated Learning.

Consulting for smarter solutions

Katulu advises you along the entire product lifecycle - from conceptualization of digital value-added services, implementation strategies for Federated Learning, know-how building in your organization, to development of operational concepts for the edge. Together, we identify the best way for your company to make data sovereignty and machine learning the key to your successful digitization. For us, the focus here is on your sustainable enablement.

Development of smarter solutions

As an experienced partner, Katulu handles the complete development of digital products for the industry - in the cloud and on the edge. In addition to implementing complex projects with our Katulu Federated Learning solution, Katulu also validates use cases for technical feasibility in a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) and for adaptation in the market with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Operating smarter solutions

You build it - You run it.

After the development of your digital value-added service based on Katulu Federated Learning, Katulu takes over the operation or supports you in setting up the operations in your company.