Katulu GmbH
Gertigstraße 48
22303 Hamburg


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Company Values

Our common ground

As a family business, our company values are of particular importance. We are convinced that successful industrial digitalization requires a strong foundation of values. These are reflected in the cooperation within the team and with our customers and partners.


Leadership means for us inspiring our team, our customers and our partners to achieve our ambitious, common goal of transforming the manufacturing industry. We use our unique skills to lead this change, not just follow it.

Holistic Approach

Holistic approach means for us interdisciplinary teamwork across all phases of digital transformation (from strategy to development to operation) and all components (from sensor to cloud to mobile app). We connect the ends across all dimensions to achieve extraordinary results.


Reliability means for us to keep our promises. We value and live integrity and strive to be your dependable partner.


Sustainability means for us creating things that last. We approach all our business activities with a commitment to sustainability – a cooperation with us will last.

Open-minded Thinking

Open-minded thinking means for us not to be restricted by established positions. In search for the greatest value for our clients, we drive developments forward and question the status quo in the process.


Values cannot be taught, only lived.” – Viktor Frankl